Espanja / Spain


Costa del Sol 

Solbasket has established relations with the Spanish basketball clubs of Costa del Sol, as well as a Finnish school. High-quality teams can be found in Malaga, Marbella, Benalmadena and Fuengirola.

We organize together with Biddy Basketball for the fourth time trip to the Costa del Sol 31.5. – 6.6.2017 for so called “Pikku Biddy”.



Colegio Finlandés


On the Costa del Sol in Fuengirola has since 1991 served as a private Finnish comprehensive school, which provides instruction in all basic education grades 1-9 and high school education. Also, pre-school education is provided.

The curriculum focuses on individuality and self-help, which gives a great opportunity to combine studying and sports in Spain. Malaga area is one of the important basketball areas in Spain. Unicaja Malaga is areas best team.

”You can come to study in high school for hole year, but even for only a single episode”, tells the Costa del Sol Finnish School Rector Maarit Paaso.



San Javier, Murcia

Solbasket also has strong relationships with local clubs on the Costa Blanca region of Spain’s east coast. Solbasket is willing to assist the Finnish club teams, particularly on the San Javier area of practice and game missions.

San Javier training center is cost-effective, and everything you need is close by. Good sparring partners are abundantly available, and even the sea is nearby.

Alicante airport is approx. 100 km away from San Javier.



Chus Mateo Academy has opened relations to Solbasket with the tournament held in Madrid. Real Madrid’s junior teams are also participating to the tournament.

Solbasket takes to second Torneo International U-14 series both girl’s and boy’s Biddy Basketball Legends teams at 16.-20.02.2017.